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1U Rackmount Chassis Matrix (please click the picture to enter)

Latest webpage updated on August 29, 2018


G1250D 1U Mini-ITX EnergySaving server chassis
Mechanical Dimension: 445×44×250 (WxHxD/mm)
Supported MB: Mini-ITX (6.7"×6.7")
Supported PSU: 1U FlexATX 250W single power supply

G1320 1U MicroATX EnergySaving server chassis (New Released)
Mechanical Dimension: 445×44×320 (WxHxD/mm)
Supported MB: MicroATX (9.6"x9.6")
Mini-ITX (6.7"x6.7")
Supported PSU: 1U FlexATX 250W~300W  single power supply


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