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Dongguan IPC Electronics Co., Ltd. and its related enterprise IPC China Corporation established on August 07, 2010 in China. Our company facilities possess more than 3,000 square meters in Dongguan city, and employees more than 80 staffs joined at our company among Hong Kong and China. Our main products are 19" rackmount server chassis, industrial computer chassis and sheet metal enclosures by OEM and ODM. Since 1989, our core members have been designing and manufacturing the first 19" rackmount 4U chassis in the industrial market. Since the date we involved in this territory, we have been focusing the professional and experienced technology on the rackmount server platform's mechanism and required the certification from AMD and Intel of USA. Our constant management policy is keeping on the custom design and development and creating the most professional and qualified industrial chassis that can guide our customer to the mainstream and leadership of the market as the eternal target.


The board of directors at our company is constructed by Japan, China and Taiwan. All staffs we are working with feature the highest and reliable morality. As regards the quality we required all followed with Japanese level and grade. As to the market competition, our company supplies the most ideal and breakthrough prices and deliveries. In the customer service and market protection, our company is responsible to keep customer's intellectual property under our commitment. Factory equipments include imported laser cutting machine 1 set and NCT machines 5 set, and several bending and other machines equipped. Our main product lines are 1U 2U 3U 4U rackmount server chassis, cabinet, and various enclosures. We are capable of many OEM and ODM projects by the fastest service, all design will be entirely protected under your copyright as well. Our spiritual motto is, Commitment, Concentration, Professionalism, Service, Quality and Efficiency.



Warranty: Globally 3 years since the date we shipped (for all items listed on the quotation or our website, all electronic parts included as well).
DOA shipping cost: We cover two-way shipping cost.
RMA shipping cost: Customer covers while returning, and we cover the shipping cost when repaired.
RMA fee: All free of charge within warranty period, and some expense required or may not be required if warranty expired.


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